We value our patients' experience at Friendswood Family Chiropractic Clinic. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Moghaddam and her staff are the BEST! Dr. is friendly, honest and committed to the health and well-being of her patients. She is very knowledgeable in her field of practice. Very affordable and one who takes time to explain everything. The staff is very helpful and outstanding. I highly recommend Dr. Moghaddam! I will continue visiting her for my treatment needs for years to come.

Ali F.

I came in with so much back pain, both upper and lower that it was affecting my everyday activities. I am so glad I decided to come to Friendswood family chiropractic because I now have little to no pain after just a few months. Dr. Moghaddam was so kind and informative and helped me tremendously. I will always recommend her and this chiropractic clinic.

Destiny S.

I have always been more comfortable with female chiropractors, and am so happy I found Dr. Moghaddam. I always leave feeling so much better. She always takes her time with her patients and is very informative. I recommend her to everyone!

Laura E. 

My experience at Friendswood Family Chiropractic Clinic has been amazing! Dr. Moghaddam is the best at what she does. She’s has been treating my family for many years and never disappointed with the results. She makes us feel relieved and pain free. I will always recommend people to her! You won’t regret it and you will leave happy and closer to getting pain free. This clinic just makes you feel welcomed and everyone is just so friendly. Such a positive environment all around.

Jasmin P.

Dr. Moghaddam and her staff are  the BEST! Dr. is friendly, honest and committed to the health and well-being of her patients. She is very knowledgeable in her field of practice.  Very affordable and one who takes time to explain.

ali f.

Dr. Moghaddam has always accommodated my walk-in with speed and a smile!  Her ability to identify the problem area is often not the area giving me pain, I have always found this interesting!  Her assistants have always been caring and knowledgeable.   I normally don’t have back pain, but when I do, I go to Dr. Moghaddam!

Scott S.

Friendly staff and Dr. They  make you feel at home. I absolutely love her.

Odilia C.

Dr. Moghaddam is fantastic!  She is very compassionate and really listens to the patient.  Dr. Moghaddam has helped me with my back pain for a very long time.

jo s.

She has been my Chiropractor for 10 yrs and I absolutely love her. She is caring and she will never steer you the wrong way when it comes to your health. I would recommend her to anyone no matter what age or gender. Thank you so much.

Dijana Popova

Dr. Moghaddam, is wonderful! She is always willing to sit and talk with me about my health concerns. I have seen so much improvement with my neck and numbness in my hands. Her lazier treatment helped a foot injury that has bothered me for almost a year. I am now able to walk without pain.

Margaret Turner

My husband and I started going to Dr. M when she first opened the clinic on Friendswood drive. We had been looking for another chiro dr. since having a bad experience with a former one. It is hard to describe how incredible this Dr. is. She knows exactly what she is doing and really cares about you as an individual and the different aspects of your health. A big hoorah to Dr. M!!!

Karen Lynn

I am a long-term client of Dr. M. She is a very kind, caring doctor who has helped me with everything from lower back; shoulder; nerve problems and even issues with my feet. I receive counseling from her about proper nutrition too. I highly recommend her clinic

Suzanne Black

Accommodating in scheduling an appointment. Dr. Moghaddam listens and offers effective treatment and suggestions to help yourself.

Joyce Miller

Dr. Monir Moghaddam is such an expert in her field! I value her background in overall care and condition of me as her patient. Thanks to her I’m losing weight, exercising more and monitoring my exercising routine. My chronic neck pain is manageable now and I don’t have to think about surgery for probably a long time! I wake up pain free and able to do everyday tasks that were once impossible. I owe her my life!

Julia Steele

You cannot find a chiropractor who cares more for the well-being of her patients. I first starting coming when she was still in a very small office by herself. I have degenerative disc disease & she has helped me to be on my feet & keeping up with my girls. She will take her time if needed to make sure that she has done everything she could in that visit. There has been many times where she has had me walk around and test. If there is any discomfort back we go. There is no “next time”. Recently, my family was in a car accident. I was jostled badly & my 15 year old daughter got whiplash. Dr. Monir was the one to treat us. We are now good to go thanks to her. She was such a marvel helping through all the paperwork for the insurance company so that it was done right. My family will never go anywhere else. She is my miracle worker & not only a great doctor but also a wonderful woman!

Kristina Duhe

I was in so much pain until they fixed my back problem. Great wonderful people who really care. Highly recommend her!!

Beth Contreras

Dr. Moghaddam is amazing! She relieved the back pain I was having after delivering my third baby. She has also helped my husband with his back and neck pain. She has recently been seeing my daughter and has helped her with her hip alignment and back pain. She is really sweet and can usually get you in the same day. The lady at the front desk is also really nice! I recommend Dr. Moghaddam all the time!

Karis Nunley

I wish I could give this clinic 800 stars. You won’t find a better chiropractor with more caring staff members. Dr. M is so sweet and truly concerned for your well being. Her assistant is just as sweet and very helpful.

The facility is beautiful and always very clean. It is nothing compared to your average, stuffy clinic. I will warn you that she gets crowded because she’s popular. Don’t worry, these ladies are queens of time management.

My only regret is not finding this fabulous place sooner!

Laura Price

I have seen Dr. Moghaddam for over 6 years now and will not go to any other chiropractor! Regardless of where I move or how far I am from her, I always return to her. From car accidents to pulling my back out she has me back to normal within one to a handful of visits. She’s gentle, but get’s the job done effortlessly. I highly recommend her if you should ever need a chiropractor!!

Jennifer Bryant

Dr. Moghaddam has been such a blessing to me! The first visit she sat me down to listen to my concerns and my history of car accidents. She did a full exam to determine my needs and have been her patient since then. I highly recommend her, she is an expert as a chiropractor and in most cases has given same day appointments.

Carol S.

I have been seeing Dr. Moghaddam for over the past 7+ years whenever I have had any neck or back problems. Every time she has been able to quickly diagnose the problem and remedy it in a very short period of time. If my husband or myself were ever suddenly in dire need she made it possible for us to get therapy at the last minutes notice and has always been professional and courteous. What you will find in Dr. Moghaddam is true empathy and concern for her patients. If you are looking for a chiropractor that can truly help you, you owe it to yourself and your body to go see her for your Chiropractic needs.

Kelly Cullins
UTR-Texas Realtors

I love love love Dr. Moghaddam and her practice. The facility is beautiful and very comfortable. She cares so deeply about helping her patients and it shows.

She has changed my world in the past month, after 6 months of battling excruciating headaches along with neck and shoulder pain. I’ve been through the ringer with my other doctors. Medication, pain killers and even Botox injections for the headaches haven’t helped. Dr. M has restored hope and my symptoms are worlds better already. She truly has changed my life.

Laura P.

My husband was in such pain in his neck and after reading reviews went here, loved it and plans on making it part of his life. He was extremely pleased with the doctor and staff.

Linda P.

Dr Moghaddam is a miracle worker! I’ve come to her for many years. She works with you to resolve the issue. Where some chiropractors take an extended number of visits to correct the issue, she can usually know them out pretty quickly depending on the severity. Highly recommend this clinic!

Jennifer B.

The spine is so beautifully complex and when there’s a severe problem with function, and extreme nerve pain that interferes with everyday tasks, well, it is truly refreshing to see that Dr. Monir Moghaddam is equipped with the excellence and skills of a combined team of medical professions! She reviewed my history in detail, took xrays and performed many sequencial therapies to help relieve my severe neck pain. She took the time to describe a plan of action for diet, vitamin therapy, elimination of certain tasks, home exercises to build back my neck curvature, and trigger point therapy as well as chiropractic manipulation. She introduced the spinal decompression and its benefits, all the while answering my questions and making me feel more comfortable, so as not to feel anxious about the technique. (So many times doctors don’t take the time to explain and then a patient is filled with anxiety, guessing what might be next preformed.) She explained acupuncture and performed it masterfully! She also gave me the most intensive trigger point therapy on the shoulder with attention to the exact nerve causing my pain. She cared about my overall health and knew instantly if my lower back was hurting.

Dr. Monir is very personable with her patients and yet extremely well read on medical research and overall health of the body. When I was just about to give up hope, she would encourage me and advise me to do my home therapies and always call if I was in immediate pain before my appointment date. Although my cervical spine is still healing and building in its curvature, my pain is 80-90% gone, and I’m able to complete daily tasks. I’m concentrating now on dieting, nutrition and exercises. I will continue to see her at least 3-6 times during the year because of my condition but I now have hope and minimal/reduced pain. I absolutely love my recommended neck pillow which has allowed me to sleep pain free! More importantly, I feel like she saved me from having radical surgery.

Friendswood is so fortunate to have such a skilled medical professional as with Dr. Monir! Her wonderful front desk receptionist, Adrianna is as attentive as she assists Dr. Monir and she’s very helpful with appointment needs and rescheduling. My advise to those with injuries, is to first consult with Dr. Moghaddam and listen to her recommendations for the best options for your body’s recovery. I’m certainly glad my friend and coworker told me about Dr. Monir, and I tell everyone that has injury or pain, “She’s an answer to your prayers!”. That sums it up perfectly for me and my spine!

Mrs. Julia C. F-S
Private Tutor/Retired Reading Dyslexia Interventionist

Dr. Moghaddam is a miracle worker! I’ve come to her for many years. She works with you to resolve the issue, where some chiropractors take an extended number of visits to correct the issue. She can usually know them out pretty quickly depending on the severity. Highly recommend this clinic.

Jennifer B

On November 19, 2003 I left an orthopedist with a diagnosis of inoperable severe back pain and was barely able to walk with a cane. The doctors suggested pain management. Their prediction was that within 10 years I would be unable to walk and in a wheel chair.

I went to Friendswood Family Chiropractic Clinic where Dr. Moghaddam took several X-Rays and performed other tests as well. She then prescribed a course of chiropractic treatment involving therapy, exercise, nutrition and weight reduction.

Dr. Moghaddam has studied anatomy, medicine, acupuncture and other healing arts in several countries and attends many seminars on related healing subjects and is a very conscientious and learned person. She consistently maintains that the body heals itself with proper care.

I am thankful to report that my cane has not been needed for some years now and I am able to lead a normal life with just a few limitations and restrictions. I can no longer lift weights over 20 pounds and I can not stand for much longer than 10 minutes without discomfort. At 75 years of age I am extremely thankful to not be in a wheel chair or have severe limitations and the constant pain of an injured spine.

I understand that I will require routine therapy to maintain the progress made and I feel absolutely sure that much actual physical correction has been achieved in my case.

I am currently looking forward to our annual mountain hiking and photo sessions with my son in West Texas and New Mexico.

Carlton S.

They’re always able to answer simple questions over the phone. They only make me schedule appointments if necessary. I never have to worry about them overbooking appointments. They definitely believe in quality over quantity here and it is much appreciated. There was no annoying music playing while I waited or during my visit. I appreciated that they didn’t have that typical elevator music on. I love that they never cancel their appointments last minute here. I can always count on them to be there for me. I’ve never seen anyone who is more respected by their staff. The entire staff only had great things to say about working there, and it made me want to return all the more. This chiropractor is warm, caring and is not judgmental. She is there to listen intently and look at areas you may not have thought to look. Love her!


  • Dr. Jones is wonderful and so is his staff. I would recommend him to anyone.

    - Carol
  • Dr. Smith is the best! She took the time to learn about me as a person not just a patient.

    - Ron

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